TextEditor does not recognize when clicking into

After a few month ingnoring the bug and looking for similar bug descriptions in the forum (and google) I have to ask if this is a known bug by anybody or if someone knows what I am doing wrong:


I have several TextEditors that get updated in a period (callback every X milliseconds) which is needed for a client/server update behavior. I am checking if one of them is currently in 'Edit mode' which locks the TextEditor to not get any weird behavior when the update via callback is happening.

Writing text (going into the lock mode) and confirming the curent state (going out of the lock mode) works as expected.

The problem I have:

Actually, my TextEditors do not recognize if I click into them. But to make this bug more confusing, when I click a random times into the TextEditor, my caret occurs and the TextEditor is able to get key input. Switching through my components including the TextEditors with the tab key works perfectly.

Other 'TextFields' like the ones from the Sliders work perfectly (those also get updated by the callback function).

Anybody knows that bug or could maybe guess what I should try to either isolate the bug or (of course) solve it?

I've put this into the Linux Forum while I'm developing in Linux (Fedora), maybe its a OS specific problem... Help Me! :(

What do you mean when you write "locks the TextEditor"? Do you mean that your update callback refrains from updating the TextEditor? Can you reproduce this without your periodic update?

Yes I refrain to update the TextEditors text when I'm currently editing the TextEditors text.

I can reproduce this without the periodic update. First I tried with updating very few times (once a second) and then without updating my GUI at all by a callback. With both configurations, the above mentioned behavior occurs and does not change at all.

EDIT: I just updated my JUCE modules to v3.1.1 in case that I'm roporting a bug that was already fixed, but thats not the case.

Are the TextBoxes of the Sliders also TextEditors? Those work fine!