TextEditor gets really slow


My app needs a log window. I tried using a multiline read only text editor, but it gets really slow once it has 500 lines of text or so. Is there any other control I can use? The only features I need is multiline text, selection and copy. I don’t need different colours or fonts.


The latest version in SVN has some optimisations that make a big difference - are you using that?


Which brings up my question: How come there hasn’t been a stable release in almost 6 months? It seems as if there was a nice 2 month release cycle going looking at the sourceforge page…



No, I still using 1.45… I’ll try the code in SVN

Does anybody know the easiest way to get the latest code and merge it without losing the changes I’ve made to juce?


I would imagine just about any difference program would do it.



There’s probably a way to merge it with SVN, though I’ve only ever merged in the other direction.

And yes, I know about the huge delay in doing a new release! It’s really just down to me not having had a spare couple of days to do all the merging, testing, and admin stuff involved. Hopefully I’ll get chance in the next week or so.