TextLayout Suggestions


Hi Jules,

I would like to suggest adding methods to the TextLayout that would enable translating, rotating and scaling a TextLayout object.

On the same note, I would like to suggest adding the ability to modify a TextLayout object by a custom AffineTransform object.


You mean like Component::setTransform() does…?


I guess so! Too bad I didn’t notice that a while ago…

Thanks Jules!


Errr wait a minute - TextLayout isn’t a Component…

So yes - that same type of functionality from the Component, but in TextLayout.


You can just call Graphics::setTransform before you draw the layout object if you want to transform it.


Pardon me for being perhaps incessant, but I’d like to make a correction to that so it’s clear for others reading this post: the method is in fact Graphics::addTransform().The method Graphics::setTransform() does not exist… Beware of states!