Thank you forum!

First off, this forum has been a MAJOR privilege to me, you guys are masters at something, and at over 14 years of trying to become a decent programmer, it really wasn’t until I came into this forum, defeated, that you guys helped pick me up off the floor, and got me me going! (This is no exaggeration).

I used the emulation of fire in a JUICE project as a goal, and not only was I able to do that, but I then ported it to Javascript, ran it in the browser, with the newest Web Audio features… AND EVEN FIGURED OUT OPENGL! (Previously a MAJOR obstacle for me) And built the graphics to go with the audio.

Here’s the web demo, for anyone who has 10 seconds:

What the hell!? I think I’m a programmer now! :relieved:


Very cool :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing!

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That is very cool!

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