The amount of Xcode tasks increase after every build

I’m experiencing a weird behaviour with a juce 6 app configured with projucer on osx, and it seems i’m hitting the same issue as in here . Plus after some time, the build becomes unusable and i get random crashes in juce::String destructors in random places.

Anyone got the same issue ?

It seems that switching to the legacy build system is fixing the issue for me. Is the new build system in Xcode not supported by projucer ?

The Projucer now creates projects with the new build system by default as it is required to build for Apple silicon correctly -

You can revert to using the legacy build system by setting the “Use Legacy Build System” option in the Projucer’s macOS exporter.

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So new build system is broken? Weird, i would still keep it disabled by default if building in older xcode, instead of enabling it by default for everyone

I haven’t experienced the monotonically increasing tasks issue myself, but it seems to be a bug in the new Xcode build system under some circumstances. We chose to use the new build system by default because of the M1 issues and it seems likely that at some point Apple will remove the legacy build system workaround and we’ll be forced to move anyway.

There’s no way for the Projucer to know which version of Xcode the user is going to open the project in, so this isn’t possible.

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I also experience this. It does not seem to increase the build time though, it’s just disturbing to see the number of tasks increasing after every build

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