The future of SOUL IDE

From this it doesn’t look like much is going to change. Could even be a relaunch under a different name?

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Yes, it could be a possibility, but the “radio silence” from Jules and Cesare (even in this forum, from several months) can’t be undervalued, unfortunately.

I think if Jules (and the Team) wants to carry on with SOUL, he should have no problems in re-using what he deployed “under” ROLI (including the non-open-souce stuff).

He is still the intellectual property owner (aka “the author” among with others) and SOUL is not an Industry Standard at now. So I don’t see ROLI as an “enemy” or its administration as a catastrophe itself (I’m just talking about SOUL destiny, I wish all the best to ROLI :slight_smile: ).

Indeed any word from the SOUL team would be welcome !

Jules did say the following on discord in May in response to a question on the prolonged silence:

No… we’re busy working on behind-the-scenes stuff, and dealing with some business-related issues. Will hopefully be able to update people with a bit more detail about what we’ve been up to before too long.

But I do agree that some kind of communication would be nice at this point.


That Luminary still owns all assets from Roli is a good sign, but neither Jules nor Cesare list Roli as their employer on linkedin, whatever that means.
To me it sounds like SOUL is a dead asset in the vault.
And I wouldn’t be surprised if there were legal barriers to sell that to Jules for a symbolic pound (the creditors have an interest to get a realistic price for it, which might be hard to achieve at that stage). But that would be my favourite outcome.

But I am just blurting out my thoughts, it could all be totally different.

Considering the dramatic nature of the pivot into Luminary with all the talk of refocusing and so on it would be really good to hear from the leading lights about whether it’s affected SOUL’s development and long-term outlook or not. I agree the radio silence is a bit unexpected and concerning for a technology aiming to play a major rule in the future of our industry.

Silence on GitHub also…

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Sorry, I’m new of the JUCE Forum :slight_smile:

Is there a way to privately message a user (Jules) ? I can’t find the mail link symbol anywhere…

I have just sent you a PM to explain how to!

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Thank you Nicolas, eheh - the problem is that I don’t see THAT message button/icon on my profile, probably because I’m registered on this forum since just yesterday and I’m not allowed to send messages yet…

Anyway, I just received a private message (through other channels) from Jules.

Probably they will be able to break the silence in occasion of the ADC21, in just a few weeks.

I take it as a good news :slight_smile:


I am trying to ask gently and wishing you guys the best. I am also on the edge of my seat. Any news or hints from the ADC?

The only new bit of info AFAIK came from an audience question after @cesare’s talk — he’s no longer working on the SOUL project :frowning:


From a “1st-level trustworthy” source :slight_smile: they will make a SOUL announcement (good news) very soon - they had no time to make it during ADC21.


A few days ago ROLI made an announcement about a new sample library.

Nothing related to SOUL but - at least - the radio silence is broken…

It seems you are a very optimistic folk! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


One step at a time - that announcement proves ROLI still exists… :slight_smile:

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@brxa Any news?

@Jules has been working on some top-secret stuff that may or may not be related to SOUL.
He might reveal more about it in March.


Hi, last time I talked to Jules it was on November. He talked about great news - I was expecting that in time for the Winter NAMM (before it was canceled).

From the video posted by @ryanblock it seems the good news are coming next month (March 2022). And it seems it’s about SOUL indeed.

Just a side note :
A few hours ago, Intel Corp. published some extraordinary news (also) about its “soft-core” approach. Also if it was clear and predictable (no big surprises), it’s the first time a IC Company makes such kind of announcements “to the wide public”.

The direct consequence is : the rise of the FPGA as a “central” component (coprocessor) inside any workstation, finally starting the long awaited “widespread” heterogeneous computing (HC) era.

…At least I read it that way :slight_smile:

And (on the pro audio side) SOUL is naturally born for such heterogeneous computing. Things seem to move finally, let’s hope the entire industry will proceed in that direction…


Can you paste any link?

Is this perhaps the announcement Jules has been waiting for? SOUL is a natural fit, so this may be the curtains rising on a new era for pro audio!