! This Evening: London Audio Developer Meet-up: Towards std::audio – basic API design!


Our tenth London Audio Developer Meet-up will be held on Tuesday, the 5th of March at CodeNode, London.

@timur will discuss P1386 (https://wg21.link/p1386) – a proposal to add a basic, modern audio API to the C++ standard library. He will present the design and implementation of the API in its current state, show working example apps, and give an update on the progress of the proposal from the latest C++ committee meeting. This will be followed by an extended Q&A session, where we can together discuss current issues and open design questions.

Timur Doumler - @timur is a C++ developer specialising in audio and music technology, member of the ISO C++ committee, and program chair of the Audio Developer Conference (ADC). He is passionate about writing clean code, providing good tools, evolving the C++ language, and building inclusive communities.

:pizza: There will be pizza :pizza:

!! Please remember that CodeNode now requires you to register at the skills matter event page here.!!




Registration is now open:

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Update on the topic: I just came back from the C++ committee meeting in Kona, Hawaii :palm_tree: and we received lots of useful feedback on P1386. We are now in the process of incorporating all this feedback into the next revision (R1) of P1386, so what I’ll be presenting on 5 March is significantly different from the currently public R0 version. The most significant improvement is that we ditched all the buffer_view and strided_span stuff, and now use mdspan (P0009) as the underlying type for an audio buffer. Come to hear more about this and the rest!


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