ThreadWithProgressWindow alignment issue

Hi Jules,

There is some alignment issue with ThreadWithProgressWindow on Windows

This doesn’t happen on OSX.

Note: I’m not using JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE, but it maybe happen with it as well. (My development machine is a windows XP)

You can easily reproduce it if you add this to Hello World project

class MyTask  : public ThreadWithProgressWindow
  MyTask()    : ThreadWithProgressWindow ("This is a progress window", true, true)

  void run()
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; ++i)
      // must check this as often as possible, because this is
      // how we know if the user's pressed 'cancel'
      if (threadShouldExit())


      // this will update the progress bar on the dialog box
      setProgress (i / (double) 100);

      //   ... do the business here...

and at the end of MainComponent constructor

MyTask m;

m.setStatusMessage("This is some text");

if (m.runThread())
// thread finished normally..


Before I investigate this, is it definitely still happening in the tip? I think I fixed something similar fairly recently…

Sir, yes, sir

Still happening.

Thanks - should be fixed now.

Works fine.

Thanks !