Is it possible to update Slider to allow more flexibility with ThreeValueSliders?

Here is my situation:

I have a ThreeValueSlider to act as a transport/range control for a QuickTimeMovieComponent. The ‘value’ is the playhead position. The min/max values set the range of playback.

I want to disable calling of sliderValueChanged for when the range values are changed - i’m only interested in hearing about the user changing the main value.

When the playhead value is adjusted, playback is stopped, the position is adjusted, then it resumes when the slider drag is ended. This ensures the interface remains as smooth as possible. However, i don’t want playback to stop if the range handles are adjusted. I can’t really see any way of finding out if the user is adjusting the range handles rather than the main handle.

Any ideas?

I guess it could have some methods to ask which bit the user is dragging… Why not hack something together that works for you and send it over?

I’ll have a look into it once i’m done with the rest of the stuff.

Also- is it possible to stop the QuickTimeMovieComponent from responding to clicks on the movie area? My playback viewport is draggable, and dragging it currently stops the video (because a QT movie stops when you click it, resuming on a double click). I’d like it to not do this - i’ve tried putting a clear component over the top of it but that doesn’t do anything, it’s like it just forces itself on top.

Nah, sorry. Don’t have any control over the QT window, it’s a law unto itself.