<thunk> <thunk>

some bizarre crap is happening here…

the mouse pos problem I had earlier just decided to go away.

closing a dialog box from the taskbar however is failing to close the process. I don’t think it wasn’t doing this when I tried this morning.

the colour assigned to a comonent or dialog window at create time seems to be being ignored.

I can’t for the life of me work out why my dialog window lacks a horizontal divider line under the title bar. I can’t see a line draw in the demo code, so am I just blind or is something screwed up with my dialog instance?

devc++'s editor really gets screwed up when you set indent to anything other than 4 – I like 2 'cos I value not having to line wrap unecessarily.


JUCE boycott of dev-c++!!!

well the devc editor is still screwed up, but I realised why I was getting unpredictable bugs; a silly inheritence mistake on my behalf.


I blame it on too much ingested gypsum.