Timecode bug? AudioPlayHead::editOriginTime set to zero in VST3/AU

I need to get the timecode information from the host. According to JUCE documentation, you need the AudioPlayHead::editOriginTime() method, which returns the timecode offset. But on current JUCE implementation, editOriginTime is set to 0 in VST3 and AU platforms (simply search editOriginTime on JUCE code, you will get only 10 hits).

Am I missing something or is this a JUCE bug?

Any reason you cannot use AudioPlayHead ::timeInSeconds instead? For example, although AudioUnits can provide editOriginTime information, LogicPro never sends it.

timeInSeconds() considers the project starts at 0 seconds, while Logic (by default) starts at 1:00:00:00. I need to handle the exact same timecode information as the DAW - this is critical for my plugin.
Also, VST3 also has the same problem (and I noticed that JUCE have that information inside, but not passing it to editOriginTime.
Can you confirm this as a bug? Any workaround?

OK I understand now why editOriginTime is useful and I have a patch on a branch to support this for VST3 and AU. However, from my testing, no VST3/AU host (I tested Reaper, Live, Logic Pro and Cubase) actually supports it.

I don’t really feel comfortable committing a patch without there being a way to properly test it.

I can test your patch with Nuendo - I really need this working. Can you email me at nuno . fonseca @ soundparticles . com ?

Sure. See attached patch file. Simply download it and apply it by executing the following command in the JUCE directory:

patch -p1 < ~/Downloads/editorigintime.patch

Let me know what you find out!

editorigintime.patch (5.8 KB)