Timer Class Issue

Hi everyone,
I’m having issue calling the Timer class in my plugin here…

class FXAudioProcessorEditor : public juce::AudioProcessorEditor, public juce::Timer
    FXAudioProcessorEditor (FXAudioProcessor&);
    ~FXAudioProcessorEditor() override;

once Timer called AudioProcessor doen’t want to return AudioEditor anymore


juce::AudioProcessorEditor* FXAudioProcessor::createEditor()

    return new FXAudioProcessorEditor (*this); // FXAudioProcessorEditor underlined 

I’ve tryed to find somebody having the same issue without success…everybody seems to have it working fine, anybody would know what i do wrong? Thanks a lot!

Did you implement all functions in your editor that the base class expects any derived classes to have?

in the constructor


in the destructor


and tryed to implement

void timerCallBack() override //here override key world won't work here

following tutos wich creates gui application (i couldn’t find any creating plugin using the Timer class)… i probably would need something else there ? thanks a lot :wink: as you can see i’m new at programing i’m still struggling with beginer issues

It’s spelled ‘timerCallback’, not ‘timerCallBack’

I highly recommend you learn how to read the error messages that the compiler provides when your code doesn’t compile. Most errors are easily google-able.

Also, I would recommend you go through this tutorial:


Thanks a lot ! :wink: