Timestamps + community moderators

I miss having timestamps next to the posts on the main page. Just “Tue 15:57” would give a great sense of activity.

(EDIT: Duh I just saw they are there on the last column. So blind.)

One little idea: you could put out for community volunteers to maintain the forum, just simple tasks such as re-categorising, tidying, … I’m sure we would all hate to think Team JUCE is losing valuable man-hours to that sort of stuff. I bet a few people would be keen to lend a hand.


PS Wow you get forum notifications if you leave a window open on the forum page. Drag drop. Smart Stack Overflow links. Syntax highlighting. So many great features. Well done!!!

really glad you’re happy :slight_smile:

Concerning what you say about re-categorising: I believe in this new forum thread creators can now do this themselves.

I just realized, if you hover over the activity you get the timestamp in full length and additional timestamp of the first post.