Tiny request: MidiKeyboardComponent::mouseUpOnKey

The MidiKeyboardComponent doc describes that i can overload the virtual mouseDownOnKey to create custom behaviours, which is nice, but there is no corresponding mouseUpOnKey, so i cant stop such custom behaviour.

Jules, is it possible to add the mouseUpOnKey event and call it exactly the same way as mouseDownOnKey?

Sure, will add that when I get a moment.

Thanks! Tested and works great.

Unrelated, I just noticed some unsafe code and crash bug in TextLayoutHelpers::TokenList::addTextRuns. In Line 531 of juce_TextLayout.cpp I have a nullptr in lastFontAndColour.font which crash a few lines below in the expression: *(r.fontAndColour.font)

Not really sure what happens, in there, but the code looks unsafe to me. My crash happens when opening a CodeEditorComponent with some code stings, not with others.

Edit: Ah, its somehow related to tab characters.

Thanks - it looks like a typo to me - try it again now!

Works great now! Thanks for the snappy updates, much appreciated!