To component, or not to component


So I've been thinking about this for quite a while and I just can't make a decision. I'm making a simple Arkanoid game clone and I just can't decide on whether I should use components for the "objects" or not. 

I could just create a class for each type of separate object and give it the properties I need. For instance, I could use a Rectangle for the bounds and just create a paint() function that has a reference to a Graphics (and call that from the parent component's paint()). There are two benefits that I can think of from doing this; I can use a Rectangle<float> for the bounds and I can store objects in a vector without using pointers or anything like that. I need to store the blocks at the top in some sort of array. 

Components obviously have the benefit of having so many properties to choose from, among other things. I haven't gotten to the destructible blocks at the top yet, but I've been able to make the paddle and the bouncing ball with both a component and the other easy I mentioned. 

I wonder about this for other things too, like particle engines or other graphical things. Do y'all tend to make everything a component, or do you do something like I'm thinking about? Are there any benefits of not using a component for this type of thing? I'm curious to know what other people do and I'd love to get any feedback and thoughts. 

Components are really useful for handling the repainting for you. And if you call setPaintingIsUnclipped (true) then there's very little overhead.