TODAY London Audio Developer Meet-up: Sending and receiving data with sound - introducing Chirp’s explorer board

Our seventh London Audio Developer Meet-up will be held on Wednesday, the 10th of October at CodeNode, London.

We’ll hear from James Nesfield and Damien Laidin from who will talk about their in-house development board specifically designed for audio on embedded systems.

This board, combined with the Chirp Connect Arm SDK allows to send and receive data with sound.

James Nesfield - Chief Technology Officer at Chirp. James’s academic focus spans degrees in Acoustics and Sonic Art and doctoral research in Human-Computer Interfaces with Sound, and has since been involved in engineering and strategy at multiple startups. At Chirp he is responsible for managing the technology and development direction. He works with Chirp’s external partners to integrate and promote the use of the technology in their products.

Damien Laidin - Embedded Lead Engineer at Chirp. Damien completed 2 years of a Higher School Preparatory Class in mathematics before joining EPITA, a French engineering school in computing. He did the CERES specialisation (Computing Engineering for Real-time and Embedded Systems). As intern, Damien worked 4 months at the French customs administration. At Chirp, Damien’s main focus is to adapt our technology to work on embedded systems, which are tiny systems with little memory and low CPU power.

:pizza: There will be pizza :pizza:

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