Toggle() function for AudioParameterBool


It would be nice to have a simple AudioParameterBool::toggleNotifyingHost() method for toggling the true/false value of the parameter instead of param->setValueNotifyingHost(!param->get()) which seems to be the only way to do it at current!


Also, could we get an incrementBy() method (that takes +ve and -ve values) for AudioParameterFloat and AudioParameterInt?
These both have the get() method to get the non-normalised value of the parameter but no way to set the value using non-normalised values (AFAIK).

At the moment I’m using:

auto newValue = param->get() + valueToAdd;
auto normalisedNewValue = (newValue - param->getRange().getStart()) / (float)param->getRange().getLength();

It would be nice to be able to do:


Or at least:

param->setNonNormalisedValue(param->get() + valueToAdd);

+1 I’ve had these features in my own parameter management code for a while & they’ve been super useful

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Cheeky bump…

Any arguments for or against this from the JUCE team?

They seem like sensible suggestions, but they’re bordering being so simple that they wouldn’t be a good addition to JUCE - if we implemented all requests the API would quickly get too bloated.

For incrementing a parameter you can simply do:

AudioParameterInt param (...);
DBG (param.get());
param = param.get() + value;
DBG (param.get());

And likewise for AudioParameterBool:

AudioParameterBool param (...);
DBG ((param.get() ? "Yes" : "No"));
param = ! param;
DBG ((param.get() ? "Yes" : "No"));
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