TONIGHT! London Audio Developers meet up: Creating 3-dimensional audio using a simple pair of headphones



Our fifth London Audio Developer Meetup will be held next Tuesday, 7th of August at Code Node, London.

We’ll hear from Dr. Lorenzo Picinali from Imperial College about binaural spatialisation, a technique which allows to create 3-dimensional audio using a simple pair of headphones.

The binaural technique allows to create 3-dimensional audio using a simple pair of headphones. We will start with a brief overview on binaural audio, looking at the different techniques currently available, and at the most commonly known challenges (e.g. HRTF individualisation, binaural reverberation, simulation of distance, etc.). A demonstration of the 3D Tune-In Toolkit (, an open-source audio renderer for 3D audio with hearing loss emulation and virtual hearing aids, will follow, looking at its different features, at the various ways the Toolkit can be accessed and used (i.e. standalone test application, C++ code, Unity asset, Javascript wrapper), and at a couple of applications that have been created using it.

We are still looking for a second speaker (the shorter slot): so if you want to show-off your latest pet project, pitch us your newest ideas, deep-dive into some interesting tech or just rant about your least favourite audio API, send me a pm on the forum!

Please don’t forget to register for free here!

As always, there will be free pizza.

The following meet up will be on 6th of September.





Was this talk recorded?


It was, but it’s not online yet: