Toolbar basics


Juce Friends,

I am having trouble with the basics of creating a toolbar…What are the very basic elements that I need to have a toolbar displayed horizontally within my component that I create? I’ve studied the Widgets demo source code and taken a look at the api documentation, but the basics of creating a toolbar have still eluded me.

What I have within my component cpp is:
addAndMakeVisible (toolbar = new Toolbar());

And within my header file I have:
Toolbar* toolbar;
within the private member declaration.

This allows the program to compile but at runtime the toolbar doesn’t appear. I know that you have to add factory default items for the icons, but right now I would just like the toolbar to basically appear. What are the other minimal elements that I need to specify in order to have a toolbar appear at the top of a component and run horizontally across?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


You also have to put it in the right place, just like any other component… You’ve done that, right?


Yes, presumably…But maybe I wouldn’t be having this problem if I knew for sure :slight_smile:

The toolbar add is within the component constructor, like so:

AuthComponent::AuthComponent ()
: textLoginButton (0),
textEditorUsername (0),
textEditorPassword (0),
labelCredRequest (0),
userAuthLabel (0),
pwdAuthLabel (0),
toolbar (0)

addAndMakeVisible (toolbar = new Toolbar());

// rest of constructor



Sorry - that’s not what I meant - I meant you need to setBounds() on it to put it in the right UI location.


Thank you.