Tooltips hidden behind a DialogWindow

When I add a tooltip to a component which is displayed within a DialogWindow using the DialogWindow::showDialog function. The tooltip is hidden completly or partially by the DialogWindow depending on the DialogWindows postion. Any idea how to resolve this problem.

Which OS?

The OS is Windows.
Actually I resolved the problem. I am just not sure if it is a good idea.
A TooltipWindow has the alwaysOnTop property set, as well as the TempDialogWindow class which is created when calling DialogWindow::showModalDialog.
So what happens is that TempDialogWindow overpaints the TooltipWindow. When you comment out the following code in the constructor of TempDialogWindow
the tooltip is correctly displayed and is not hidden anymore.

[quote] /*if (! JUCEApplication::isStandaloneApp())
setAlwaysOnTop (true); */ // for a plugin, make it always-on-top because the host windows are often top-level[/quote]

Well, you can remove that line, but the reason why it’s there is that if you’re running in a plugin, some hosts use always-on-top windows which would otherwise obscure your dialog.

Well I am not happy to do this hack, but is there another possibility to see the TooltipWindow without modyfing the DialogWindows code?

I really don’t know why it wouldn’t be on top - the window gets to the front whenever a tooltip is shown. Very odd…

I’ve encountered the same issue:
I have a DocumentWindow which is added to the desktop and is always on top, which is hiding the tooltip.

Any more insights on this one?

Experiencing the same problem with JUCE 3.1.1 Windows … has this been fixed so far ?