Touch automation for discrete parameters?

We have a couple of knobs (rotary-style sliders) that have only a few positions. In order to have automation recorded as discrete values, rather than ramps, we changed their parameters to be discrete instead of continuous. However, when we did that, Touch automation stopped working. Now, if the user has Touch automations set in their DAW, then the knobs stay at the position where they last held the mouse, instead of returning back to their pre-mouse-drag position as they did when the parameters were continuous. Is there any way to get our knobs to have discrete parameters yet still respond as users would expect when using Touch automation?

I see all our buttons fail to support Touch automation as well, even if I set them to update on the mouse down gesture. It seems that all discrete parameters fail to respond to Touch automation as expected, and keep the toggled value rather than returning to the pre-click state. (This is most easily tested in Pro Tools, whose Touch automation does not depend upon existing automation to work as expected.)