Touch GUI in JUCE

I’m startring a new version of my plugin/program and since i got a JooJoo tablet that runs Win7/Linux i wanted to add a touch-friendly UI to the program, actually i want to add to GUIs one for touch and one for normal mouse+keyboard control.
I was wondering did anyone do anything that was touch oriented in juce, maybe someone has some sample code for a lookAndFeel class that is touch friendly (maybe even multi-touch friendly).
I also have a question for out fearless leader, will there be anything special in Juce that will help with touch interfaces (maybe a specialized L&F class something that can handle flicks and stuff?). I really don’t know how to approach the subject so any suggestions are welcome.

To be clear my GUI will be used for controlling SYNTH parameters so it’s mostly knobs/sliders/toggle buttons/combos.