Trackpad orientation/rotation?

I’ve implemented mouseMagnify so users can pinch to zoom in our audio plugin’s graph. What I was hoping I could do was use the orientation field of the MouseEvent (or rotation?) to determine of the pinch or spreading of the user’s fingers was primarily horizontal, vertical, or more in between. Unfortunately, on my MacBook Pro, that information does not seem to be available. The function isOrientationValid() returns true, but the value is always 0. (Same for rotation.) Is this information simply not available for trackpads? (It’s even worse on my Dell PC’s trackpad… I never get mouseMagnify called there at all!)

Is this possible, or are we out of luck trying to implement this behavior on a laptop? (Using JUCE 6.0.7, by the way.)

Just putting this out there: I don’t get the win32 mouse magnify call on my Dell ThinkPad… Could be a Dell thing, though I doubt it because other apps (like web browsers) work out pinch to zoom just fine. I have a BR post about this; BR: Windows touch and gestures don't seem to work .

Looks like it’s not possible. The reason isOrientationValid is returning true is because it only checks the range of the value, which is set to 0 by default (which is in the valid range), and is only changed by inputs that support it. I guess trackpads don’t support it. Shame, because it would be really nice if you could zoom in/out vertically or horizontally if desired, instead of always both. I suppose I could use modifier keys, but that’s kind of artificial. Not sure what keys would be appropriate, either.