Tracktion Engine 2.0

Tracktion Engine v2.0 is getting close to public testing now.
I’d like to move it on to the develop branch as there’s a bunch of CI for coverage and benchmarking that only happens on that branch. I’ll move the current develop branch to the master branch for now whilst it’s being tested.

Is this ok for everyone? I wanted to give a heads up before just going ahead to avoid confusion and hear any major objections.


That works for me.

Interested to see the Breaking Changes?

Have you seen this, @bwall ? :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s live on develop now: Announcement: Tracktion Engine 2.0 public beta


I have now!

Thank you!

Thank you Dave!

I can see a lot of work ahead of me to transition to 2.0, but I can also see how it will be better in the long term.

Thank you for all your hard work!