Tracktion related, JUCE app problem

hey jules, i’m having a spot of bother with my MCU emulation program.

i have midilearn set up to learn and map a midi message to MCU commands, which get looped back into T via a midi yoke port. Monitoring the yoke ports shows that the messages are always sent, but sometimes T doesn’t respond to them.

say i have one mapped to the PLAY command (noteon, 95, 0) <- from memory ignore if wrong…

i have it mapped to an input midi note key. when i press it it plays, press it again it stops. that’s fine it works, but sometimes when i press it nothing happens, and i have to press it twice for T to recognise it again, kinda like it’s ignoring it but still knowing that it was a play, needing to recieve it as a stop again before it will acknowledge triggering a play again.

is this something to do with the message i’m sending? i thought it may be some kind of thread issue, like the messages weren’t always been generated properly with T running, but midiox shows the message everytime.

do you have any ideas?

did you send a corresponding button-up command? If not it’ll think the button’s still being held down.

cheers for the reply jules, i’ll have a look into that.

it’s just confusing because it only happens sometimes - it could work great 10 times in a row then misbehave! hopefully i can get past this problem and this program will be of some use!