TRACKTION Ruler division lock?

Hi all,
I am editing an audio narration and I have to correct wording (mostly by cut-and-paste from previous instances of the same word or portions of words. The narration was made in 1995 and my voice has changed, so I can’t re-record).
I can expand and contract the track - which makes more and more subdivisions of the ‘ruler grid’ available.
BUT - when I zoom the track out to move time position along the track, the subdivisions become less ‘subdivided’.
Then I have to zoom in and out to get the subdivisions that I need for the new placement to re-appear.

Is there a way to LOCK the ruler grid at a particular ‘resolution’ so that I can zoom the track in and out without changing the ruler grid resolution?

Hi there, are you asking about actually using Tracktion/Waveform software?
If so, this isn’t the correct forum for that, this is a developer forum for discussing using the Tracktion Engine library. You probably want to visit Tracktion support:

However, I think if you’re looking to set the timeline to a specific time division, this is available in the most recent beta version of Waveform 11.2.18.