Traktion7/Linux distorting like crazy when debugging with lldb attached

Hey guys,

Does anyone have any experience debugging plugins on Linux or when attached to Tracktion as a host ?

I’ve recently jumped into developing on Linux for a while and moved over a simple Plugin. I was pretty amazed as it’s the first time I’ve tested out JUCE’s cross platform abilities and after a few minor tweaks I was able to build and run everything without issue in my new spangly copy of Traktion7.


I can attach to Tracktion7 with lldb via the command line (I’m developing using a neovim setup with plugins and lldb) and set and hit breakpoints no problem.

However whenever I have my debugger attached to Tracktion the audio output distorts horrifically. As soon as I exit/dettach lldb everything is fine again and Tracktion is totally happy with the plugin in either DEBUG or RELEASE buiilds.

Anyone have any ideas ? Am I making some newbie mistake ?

I ask as previously debugging the same code/plugin on OSX with Logic as host and XCode lldb gave me no issues or distortion.


Did you try the JuceDemoHost? It has the same plugin handling code and it’s a much more simple application, so it should work better for debugging.