Transients and decay using wavetables


Is there a VST synthesizer that sweeps through wavetables in predetermined time periods? You might need to do it very quickly to deal with transients almost from one 512 sample buffer to the next …
I imagine having a 10 different wavetables that are continuously morphed through after a key is pressed and the ability to adjust the Decay of each one and a way to interpolate between them.
Perhaps it’s overkill but I imagine it sounding good.


Yes, e.g. Waves’ CODEX is one I wrote, and I imagine many more examples exist. What you are describing is classic “wavetable synthesis” as pioneered by the likes of PPG.


Thanks Jeff,
I took a look at your synth it looks like you did a great job building it. It seems pretty similar to SERUM and the wavetable I have in DUNE3. None of them make it that clear how you could morph between different wavetables for each section of the ADSR.


yeah, CODEX can morph along a single wavetable (higlighting the current “slice”), and morphing between different wavetables is also possible. Visually this looks like the entire table shape-shifting.
In retrospect, my opinion is that morphing between different wavetables dosn’t win you much more in terms of sonic posibilities. i.e. you could equally just construct a single more-varied wavetable instead.

Hope that makes sense.