Translation tool

I’ve just added a new utility to the introjucer, which should help you to generate automatic translation files.

I’m not quite finished with it, and will probably change it around a bit, but the basic premise is:

  1. It scans your code for all the TRANS macros, to create a list of strings that need translating
  2. It mangles these strings into a single big lump of text which you copy-and-paste into Google translate
  3. You take the translated result and paste it back into the introjucer
  4. It extracts the translated strings and converts it into a format that you can use in a translation file by passing to the LocalisedStrings class.

Obviously an automatic translation won’t be perfect, but it’s a good way to get started when you’re adding a translation, and depending on the type of text, may do a decent job for most of the strings.

I’m planning on using this for tracktion, so will see how it goes. Feedback appreciated!

Sounds very useful!