TreeView indent control!

Hey jules, I was just wondering if it is pathetic to beg for control over the indentWidth parameter in TreeView Components? For most of my purposes that require it, it’s just too darned big and forces me to make the tree panel much wider than necessary.

I guess i could just tweak my own Juce build of course… [i’m always too afraid to do that tho! plus it’s extra tinkering time!]

[ OR ]

have an option to just NOT have the plus/minus there? For example, the preferences panel in Winamp doesn’t have things to expand, just double clicking. It would of course need a warning in the docs for when using a custom component for the items.

You can already zap the plus/minus by doing your own LookAndFeel::drawTreeviewPlusMinusBox method, but good point about the size, I’ll add an option for that…