TreeView - mousewheel not working

Hello everyone,

im currently working on an IOS app where i need a scrolling list. The list will contain items with different sizes and different functionality, so i decided to go for a TreeView which allows to use custom components as treeview items. All this seems to work as expected, the only annoying thing is that i do not want to display any scrollbars with the treeview. On windows this is working but not on iOS. Is there any know issue with mousewheel events not being used on iOS?

  m_root = new ListViewItem( this ); 
  setRootItem( m_root ); 
  setRootItemVisible( false ); 
  setIndentSize( 0 ); 

  juce::Viewport* v = getViewport(); 
  if( v != nullptr ) 
    v->setScrollBarsShown( false, false, true, false ); 

Any help is very much appriciated !!

Thanks in advance