I made this class a while back to add a minimize/maximise button to the dialog window class, just subclass from this instead of DialogWindow, constructor is the same (sans copying). Minimize is an underline the same size as the X, restore/maximise is a square with the top line extra thick. Not using a different button shape for maximise/restore, they are the same, simple change though, I may add it later. Also set it up so that double-clicking on the title-bar (why is the title bar height variable private and not protected?) maximises/restores the window. Make sure you make it resizable if you want maximise/restore button to work. I keep adding to it every once in a while for new things, may post another up if it would seem useful to others.

File finished uploading, url is

Feel free to add this to Juce.

I attmpted to edit my post as usual, but I got the apache error Authorization Required, is something up?

EDIT: Keeps happening on the top post, this one edits fine.

Oh no! I just sat up until midnight last night writing exactly the same thing!

(Mine’s got plasticky mac-style buttons though…)


It will be best if you could give us a roadmap-like something so we wouldn’t duplicate efforts :smiley:

Yeah, I wish I had a roadmap, too!

Most of the new classes I add are things I need for other projects I’m working on, so there’s no master plan.

Also, I’m a bit wary of giving a list of things I’m planning on doing, as none of them would be guaranteed to happen, and I wouldn’t want people to change their plans and wait for something that I don’t finish for ages…

Well, you can add the shapes I used, mabye have them be chosen in the look n’ feel based on OS. :slight_smile: