Trigger Audio Plugin Editor Button

Hello !
I use the vst host to open a plugin and I would like to trigger a button of this plugin. I don’t find any AudioProcessorParameter that match with it, so the last option is to trigger a click on this button.

So I tried to create a mouse event at the good location and trigger manually the mouseDown or mouseUp event but nothing happens. So I guess the AudioProcessorEditor is only a wrapper and not the actually instance of plugin editor component ?..

Is there a way to trigger this button programatically ?

What about `Button::triggerClick()"?

If I understood correctly, the poster is hosting some 3rd party plugin (likely not even a JUCE based one) and wants to be able to send a mouse click message into that. That might require some platform specific code like SendMessage or PostMessage on Windows…

@Xenakios You re right, it’s the problem. I thought if juce can host the gui, it might be able to send some mouse / key events to the component; but maybe I should see OS stuff like you said

With windows we can do that :