Trouble Parsing Single Element XML String Doc

Hi I am having trouble parsing xml.
I want to send xml via an action listener, so I create an xml string and then broadcast it:

XmlElement* note = new XmlElement("note");
note->setAttribute ("type", type);
note->setAttribute ("id", pMidiIndex);
note->setAttribute ("name", message.getMidiNoteName (message.getNoteNumber(), true, true, 3));
note->setAttribute ("number", message.getNoteNumber());
note->setAttribute ("vel", (int) message.getVelocity());
note->setAttribute ("time", (int) (message.getTimeStamp() * 1000));
const String& noteXMLString = note->createDocument (String::empty, false, false);
actionBroadcaster->->sendActionMessage (noteXMLString);

I can send this string to a Flash app and it can parse it, no problem.

However, when my listener tries to parse the text, I get a null pointer:

XmlElement* noteXML = XmlDocument::parse (midiString);

if (noteXML== nullptr)
    DBG ("noteXML== nullptr!")
   int noteNumber = noteXML->getIntAttribute ("number");

What am I doing wrong? How do I access the note attributes?

Thanks for any help.

Well the string is clearly not valid XML, so surely the obvious thing to do would be to look at the string and see what’s wrong with it?

Thanks. Figured it out.