Trouble with JUCE tutorial about unlocking plugins through online registration

So I have been trying to follow the JUCE tutorial: Unlock your plugins through online registration and did achieve a registration through a local host as the tutorial describes.

My problem is that after I’ve finished the “Registration Complete!” window comes up and I press “OK”, it goes back to the window “Please provide your email and password.” again. And if I press cancel it goes back to the first window with only the “Unlock” button available to press and not the “Super Secret Feature” one which is the end goal.

After some debugging I discovered that in the function:

void timerCallback() override
    if(! isUnlocked && marketplaceStatus.isUnlocked())
        isUnlocked = true;



never turns “true” (a variant, not a bool). Anyone who knows what the solution is that it never does that? I would be very grateful for any suggestions!

Next problem is to actually implement all this to my plugin and some sort of website, but I guess that is a different topic :slight_smile: