Trying to build for Android on Windows

I have something working on Windows with JUCE, so I thought I'd see if I could build it for Android using the SDK and NDK.

First issue is ScopedPointer - I keep getting errors about it being private, so I switched to simple pointers and used delete.

Second issue is modal dialogs and menus - slowly replacing them with the callback version.

Third issue is file chooser and related dialogsĀ - they don't exist on Android!

Fourth issue is window size - I could see my main page but not much else. By reducing the size of the application window, I could then see the menu, toolbar and tabs on Android.

Using Eclipse I got the apk to install and run and grabbed some snapshots of the windows. It runs sluggishly on the emulator.

Now to add some wave files for it to work on and see if I can load them at runtime.

Havr you seen this thread? :