Trying to use David's ValueTreeObjectList, have questions

I have Track that holds Item. Should the track class inherit ValueTreeObjectList or should I create a separate class called ItemList and then put a member of ItemList in Track?

Also, there’s a few compile errors.


void rebuildObjects()
    jassert (objects.size() == 0); // must only call this method once at construction

    for (const auto& v : parent)
        if (isSuitableType (v))
            if (ObjectType* newObject = createNewObject (v))
                objects.add (newObject);


void rebuildObjects()
	jassert(objects.size() == 0); // must only call this method once at construction

	for (int i = 0; i < parent.getNumChildren(); ++i)
		auto& v = parent.getChild(i);

		if (isSuitableType(v))
			if (ObjectType * newObject = createNewObject(v))

And there’s a few places that const is used which cannot be compiled because CachedValue requires non-const for setting its value tree property.

Edit: At the same time actually I do need the ability to go through all items regardless of the track, make changes like moving item to another track, deleting items between a range of time, these things are track-independent. How should I structure my classes in that case?

I’m running into an issue where the constructor requires a value tree: