Trying to use IntroJucer more

In Xcode, I need some scripts to run with a target. Actually - maybe it can be done another way:

I need to copy some built libraries from a location in the system into the /MacOS/ folder of my app bundle, and link to them. Also need to set the path to those libraries’ includes.

Then I need to strip .h files out of my bundles.

Meanwhile, I still can’t see how/where to set C Flags. Every place I try causes a parse error when Xcode tries to open the resulting project file.

On iOS, I need to set code signing, and - that’s better now in Xcode, more automatic stuff, but you still need to set the correct developer ID for an AdHoc or distribution, AFAICT (at least, in Xcode 3). Also still need to add the Entitlements.plist file.

Most of that’s on my to-do-list!

You can set the include path though - that’s in the debug/release configs page, I think.