Turn off "copy modules to the project folder" doesn't work. Why?

I have turned off option “copy modules into the project folder” for all modules in Projucer project file. But it still creating folder “JuceLibraryCode” with all modules copied.

Maybe there is some global variable in Projucer project that I need to turn off, but I can’t find it.

Don’t you know what could be wrong?

I thought that maybe making modules browsable causes that so I tried to turn off “Make module files browsable in projects” but it also didn’t help.

For any help, great thanks in advance.

Best Regards

When the option is disabled, the JuceLibraryCode folder will still exist, but each file in the folder simply includes your module sources from their original location, instead of copying the full sources for each module into the folder.

Hmm… thanks for explanation