Tutor Needed - Will Pay Handsomely

I am an excellent dsp algorithmist and quite good assembly language programmer who has very rough edges when it comes to c++. I learned assembly in 30 days because I had an employee I could dialogue with for 30 minutes in the a.m. until my eyes crossed and another 30 minutes in the afternoon. I’ve got my first JUCE software product almost ready for delivery using some pretty advanced FFT processing but my present c++ / JUCE skill set has me struggling with putting the FFT on a background thread, etc. Simple stuff if you know the ‘secret handshake’ etc., etc… I am convinced if I had a very good programmer I could dialogue with, I could clear up some of my confusion and smooth out those rough c++ edges rather quickly.
Happy to pay someone handsomely to dialogue with me in 15-30 minute sessions on issues (until my eyes cross). I come up to speed rather quickly in that type of synchronous back and forth environment. I am on EST in Atlanta, GA, but am early to bed early to rise so someone in the U.K. or Germany may be compatible as well.
I am also going to be looking to sub out some aspects of the programming including adding a General MIDI player with a 3D interface, saving performance songlist sets, presets associated with a particular audio file’s playback, etc.
My specialties are in vocal enhancement processing and vocal elimination, isolation and that’s the only stuff I have an ongoing interest in focusing my personal attention.
My email is lacy@ltsound.com if anyone is interested.