Tweaks to AudioDeviceSelectorComponent

I've long used my own tweaks to the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent and I thought they might be handy for the rest of the community.

What's different:

  • A device reset button for ASIO devices (this is handy for devices that need to use their own control panel to change buffer size, you can click the reset button once you return from the driver control panel and then JUCE picks up the changes)
  • An optional setItemHeight() method which lets you change the height of all the combos/labels/etc
  • Some cosmetic tweaks to the layout so it looks a bit neater (items use more of the width, which is really good for long device/channel names)
  • Some tweaks to tooltips for clarity

Jules - I'd appreciate it if you'd consider integrating these changes. I can send you diffs if you like, but if I recall correctly you prefer comparing the complete files yourself.



Thanks Andrew, I'll take a look!

Polite bump

I did this a few days ago!

Ah, cool - you probably did that right after I did my last pull then! Thanks Jules.