Two bugs in AU hosting

I found two bugs in the AU hosting part, in juce tip, latest xcode.

Bug 1:
Run juce plugin browser, insert DLSMusicDevice, open its UI window and close the window on the red button => crash.

Bug 2:
Run juce plugin browser, insert AUSampler, connect in- and output pins to play the sampler. Play on the AUSampler for 10 secs on juce keyboard component (press mouse and drag left and right) and it suddenly becomes silent until the AU is reloaded.

The apple AUs are surprisingly flaky… I’ve investigated the AUSampler myself, and it’s a bug in their code - even if you use their own on-screen keyboard, the damn thing screws up internally after you play a couple of notes, and it’s definitely not being caused by anything that the host is doing. (And IIRC the 64-bit version works fine)

Haven’t tried the DLSMusicDevice, but thanks, will have a look when I get chance.