Two ot Three Value slider bug and suggestions

When using the Ctrl key when adjusting one of the values in two value slider results in snapping the cursor to the left position of the slider when the Ctrl key is released.
In the Three value slider it allways snaps back to the middle value handle.
The Slider should remember wich handle you moved and snap back to that one.

I would really like to see and additional SliderListener callback that would enable me to see wich of the three values have changed. Now the when the valueChanged callback is triggered there is no way of finding out wich handle has been moved.
You could track the values mannually of course and see wich has been changed but in our application a timer is adjusting the middle value and while this happens the user should still be able to move the other handles.

Another suggestion :wink:
When using a three or two value slider it would be nice two move the two outer handles (for min and max) simultaniously when holding down the Shift (or other ) key. This way you can move the selection from left to right.


Ok, will sort that out. Good idea about the shift key thing too - I might add that.