Two plugins in one project

I have created two different plugins, but they need to be used together. One can’t work without another. Of course you can launch in your DAW only one, but it has no sense if you don’t launch another. One is special generator, and another is analyser that needs that generator as a source (but you can put between them other plugins).
So that’s why I wonder is there any way to make both plugins as a one Projucer project, or at least one xCode project.
How to do that.
For any help thanks in advance.
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Well it seems to be an UX issue here…
You shouldn’t allow the user to use the analyser if this one is not intended to be use alone. Then think about your user that will put the analyser and see that nothing is working, it could be weird…
What about using 2 views GeneratorView and AnalyserView ? You could decided to show or hide them as you wish in the Editor.
Regarding the processor you could easily send data to the generator or analyser view using callback and method (Sorry not being really accurate but I don’t know what is your project)
That way you could use the generator alone and then show the analyser whenever you want.

My project is something similar to Waves qClone. So I need two separate plugins. I need my generator to be placed before other plugins, that I can analyse them. That’s why I wonder if I could make it as a one project.

Did you consider using a side-chain?

Not in that way as you probably think, but it’s sound interesting. It could be goog idea.

Edit: no, it’s not good idea in that case. It would be good idea if all plugins which I want to analyse support sidechain. That I could give them as input the output of my analyser, but unfortunately a lot of plugins does not support sidechain

From what I understand, Q-Clones is a bundle of 2 different vst. Q-Clones and Q-Capture.
You can instance them individually. Q-Capture is sending information through bus and Q-Clones is receiving information through bus also.
I don’t think it’s possible to link both of them in the same plugin… I’m affraid that your biggest challenge will be to educate users like waves did (cf the manual with the chapter “Set up”).

What will be your issue having 2 projects? You can still create a repo with 2 projucers no?

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I don’t know, what data you need to inspect. I see the biggest challenge, to keep things in sync, if you bypass the rendering pipeline.

The Idea of the sidechain doesn’t involve the plugin you are measuring. The setup would be, you create your plugin to be placed after the plugin you want to analyse, and YOUR plugin has a separate side chain input, where you feed the raw signal from before the plugin you want to analyse. Depending on the routing options of your host, you might have to send the raw signal to an aux bus, to be able to select it in your side chain input.

Hope that makes sense

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Hello, yes it makes sense, but I already have my solution with two plugins and I am happy with that. I just thought it could be elegant if I keep them as a one project. So it’s only the matter of esthetics, and good practice (which I don’t know, that’s why I ask).
But I just make it as two separate projects, and it works for me also.