Two problems with au juce plugin in bias peak

A user reported me two problems with my audio unit juce plugin in bias peak.

The first one is really strange. Any attempt to move the plug-in by
grabbing the plug-in’s GUI top border will cause the plug-in to leap
into the dock. I’ve confirmed this one with the Juce-Demo Plugin.

The second one is that the GUI is very slow responding when dragging some sliders. I also use periodic refreshing of vu-meters, maybe its a similar issue discussed here:

any help appreciated

Is Bias Peak OS X only or do your problems also occur on PC? Do the VU meters also update slowly or sluggishly?
Also check this thread, where I proposed a solution that worked well for me:

no, only on OS X with Audio Unit Plug-ins.
You can download a 14 days trial version of Peak on their website.

Do the VU meters also update slowly or sluggishly?[/quote]
yes, explicit when you dragging the sliders, and the slider position seems to be updated only every 0,5 seconds.
I don’t have this problem with AUs on Logic 8.

You say, you changed the Timer class to use the Carbon API. Can you share the source-code with me? I will check it out (send my email address via pm)

Send it. Good luck! Tell us if it works!

yes, looks good so far. Will make more tests tomorrow.
Thanks for you help!