Two value Slider range and limits

I was using a TwoValue slider (Min/Max) and was using setRange(min, max)

Originally I was using

	minimaxSlider->setRange(0.00, 1.0); // commented out
	minimaxSlider->setMaxValue(1.0, false); // Get around a feature, whereby min is validated against min & vice-verse
	minimaxSlider->setMinValue(0.0, false);

The assert triggered, so I commened out the setRange()

However, this now causes an assert here:

void Slider::setValue (double newValue, const bool sendUpdateMessage, const bool sendMessageSynchronously) { // for a two-value style slider, you should use the setMinValue() and setMaxValue() // methods to set the two values. jassert (style != TwoValueHorizontal && style != TwoValueVertical);

How else can I modify the minimum & maximum values?

As I said, I tried setMinValue and setMaxValue, but they don’t do the same thing (and don’t seem to actually adjust the minimum and maximum privates)

I think there may be an issue with limits and validations too…(hinted in comments above) I’m not sure I can change the min/max values as checks are done against the current values, and these prevent changes (not sure how to explain this, except that the new lower/upper limits are validated against the old upper limit and vice/verse - sometimes this gets in the way of setting the ranges required)

  • That said, it’s been a long day, and perhaps I’m missing something obvious (i.e. I haven’t had a chance to sniff around the example demo code changes yet)

ah yes, sorry - the setRange method should be a bit smarter and avoid that assertion. I’ve checked in a version that should sort it out now…