Type in Projucer command line help

Took me ages to debug this one…

 Projucer --set-global-search-path os identifier_to_set new_path
    Sets the global path for a specified os and identifier. The os should be either osx, windows or linux and the identifiers can be any of the following: defaultJuceModulePath, defaultUserModulePath, vst3path, aaxPath (not valid on linux), rtasPath (not valid on linux), androidSDKPath or androidNDKPath.

“vst3path” should be “vst3Path”

It would also be good if --set-global-search-path could accept quoted paths as this tends to be the norm on the command line.


Thanks Dave, I’ll get those sorted out.

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@ed95 Any possibility of having a “vst2Path” identifier? I get that it’s Legacy, but it still seems odd to be the only SDK that can be changed from the Global Paths menu, but not from the command line. Much appreciated!

Sure, I’ll add that now.

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