Typo - "paramater"

It’s in a couple juce code files.

another minor documentation fix while you’re at it : “if set to 0” instead of ‘nullptr’ in juce_TooltipWindow.h

Thanks, I’ll get those fixed.

“temporaray” in AUMIDIBase.cpp :slight_smile:

  • procoessors
  • This is useful to for
  • Processes as a block of samples (extra ‘as’ ?)

and in dsp::IIR::Filter a reference to setCoefficients() which does not exist :

  • Use the setCoefficients() method to turn it into the type of filter needed.

Thanks, will sort those out.

I just saw “horizonal” in juce_MidiKeyboardComponent.h :slight_smile:

It’s not typos it’s British spellingz.

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