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This isn't necessarily a tool or anything to do with code, but this is a really neat article about good UI design. There's some really interesting things in here that I never really gave much attention, but now I'm noticing these things everywhere. I'll definitely be thinking of this guide the next time I'm designing a UI. Check out parts 1 and 2.


That was a fun read :)

It really was. Very interesting observations. I wonder if there's any other articles like this. Anyone know of any good articles about UI, or anything else for that matter? I love learning. 

I don't have any reference on mind, but I have seen in the past a few good ones on PSDTuts+ or Designer News

The corresponding hacker news discussion might have some interesting stuff in it as well

'How to fix a bad user interface' by Scott Hurff
Some good points. But I don't agree with him on everything.

You might like the book recommendations for industrial and interface design by Bret Victor. Go to http://worrydream.com, scroll to the bottom and choose 2007 links. I especially like the 'The design of everyday things' by Donald A. Norman.

You might also like: Jeff Johnson - Designing With The Mind In Mind

Interesting article. Thanks!


I've had this one book marked for a while..