(UI) No JUCE functions in timer profiler callstack

This is a bit of a silly question – I’ve been using OpenGL context attached to top level component for years, debugging the UI thread with timer profiler on OSX was always very easy as you see all the JUCE functions as well as your classes which are calling them – I’ve just removed OpenGL and am trying to do some UI optimizations, the confusing bit is that it appears the compiler optimizes out almost all JUCE code in this context – so there’s no way for me to see which classes are calling heavy functions.

Is there a way to force better symbols into the stack traces so I can see the start of the stack trace? – I.E. I so can see what is calling these native APIs from inside of my own code?

If you’ve “removed JUCE”, then why would you expect to see any JUCE functions in a stack trace?

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Haha whoops – I meant removed OpenGL – using CoreGraphics now, updating!

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